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RacingCalendar.net is an auto racing database site, which goal is to provide an easy way to find racing events from all over the world, so that you don't miss anything! The site is user-based, which means that you can help expanding the database with more championships and circuits! And it's simple! Just create an account and start contributing!

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By a simple click you can add any event to your own calendar! This can help you to keep track of the events you need to watch or why not save a list of all racing events you have ever attended?

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Many consider the 1996 Monaco Grand Prix as one of the most exciting and strange races in Formula 1 history. It is definitely one to watch again! But how do we know which races are worth watching? On RacingCalendar.net, users can rate races from one to ten stars. Like IMDb, but with races instead of movies! A good way to find the most interesting races.

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You will never find any race results on this site, which means that if you would like to watch a finished race later, you can still visit this site, without getting the race spoiled! Although race ratings may give you a clue on how good the race was. For results and driver statistics, we recommend; driverdb.com.

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We have 83582 races in the database, of which 3755 are upcoming or current, and 3598 of those are in 2019. That is on average 239.9 races per week for the rest of the year. There are 3732 championships, of which 2752 do have races submitted for 2019. Each championship has on average 7.7 races in 2019. The site currently includes 1643 circuits, divided into 104 countries. There are 662 registered users on RacingCalendar.net. Will you become the next?

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