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Launched 27th September 2014, is a motor racing database website, growing almost every day! The goal is to provide an easy way to find racing events from all over the world, all at the same place. The site is user-based, which means that you can help contributing to the database – and it's simple! Just create an account and start adding events, circuits and championships right away!

You will never see any race results on this site, which means that if you would like to watch a finished race later, you can still visit this site without getting the race spoiled.

Please note that does only feature tarmac/asphalt circuit racing with cars and motorcycles (not rallying, rallycross, dirt track racing, karting, dragracing etc.), nor does it include any other activities at the circuits. is created, coded and maintained by Daniel Ahlqvist from Sweden, but the calendars can be sent in by people just like you!

If you would like to keep track of site upgrades, please check out the change log or follow on Facebook.

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