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Help & FAQ

Welcome to the help section of the site! If you do not find the answer you are looking for, please feel free to send a message through the form on the contact page.

Editing – General questions

What kind of competitions may I add?
  • Racing/road racing events only. It is defined as organised races with cars or motorcycles on asphalt/tarmac circuits.
  • A 'race' is when all competitors starts at the same time on a starting grid. The driver who crosses the finish line first, after a certain amount of laps or in some cases time, is victorious.
  • No karting or minimoto events, except superkarts that races on 'real' racing circuits.
  • No time attack, hill climb races, drag racing or similar forms of competitions.
  • No dirt track racing championships, rallycross, autocross, folkrace or similar.
May I add past seasons?
  • Yes, you can. We would like to have as many seasons and championships as possible, but please bare in mind that the main focus should be the current and upcoming season.
  • Please be aware that past seasons are not prioritised when the events are accepted by administrators. Current and upcoming seasons will most often go first.
I cannot access the edit tools! Why?
  • Some of the edit tools ('Add/edit event' and 'Add/edit circuit') are placed in a popup window, a feature that might be blocked by default by your browser. Please allow popups to access the edit tools.
Why don't the events I added or changes I made show up?
  • All events and changes that are submitted need to be approved by an administrator before they will show up on the actual site. You can just sit back and relax (or add another calendar, of course).
  • If you want to delete one or more of your submissions before they are approved by an administrator, you can go to your submissions and click the X buttons for those events you want to delete.
How do I delete data?
  • Events: There are two options. The first option is to go to the championship page and click the edit button (the pencil) at the desired event. Then click "Delete this event" at the bottom of the pop-up window and press "Yes". The other option, which is recommended if you want to delete more than one event from the same calendar, is to click the settings button (the gear) on the championship page and choose "Delete events". Select the events you want to delete and then "done". The events will not disappear immediately. An administrator will take the final decision.
  • Circuits: Go to the circuit, click the settings button (the gear) on the right-hand side and select "Advanced". Then select "Delete circuit". Please notice that it is not possible to delete circuits with events bound to it.
  • Championships: Go to the championship, click the settings button (the gear) on the right-hand side and select "Advanced". Then select "Delete championship". Please notice that this will delete all data related to the championship, including all events for all seasons.

Editing – Input formats


Non-Latin script characters (Russian, Japanese etc.)
  • If a championship or circuit lacks a name with Latin script characters, the name should be transliterated into Latin script, but not translated into English. The non-transliterated name should be entered as 'Also known as'.
  • Correct: Nacionalʹnaâ seriâ po kolʹcevуm gonkam Kubok Čajki.
  • Incorrect: Национальная серия по кольцевым гонкам Кубок Чайки.
  • Incorrect: National series of ring races Seagull Cup.
Links to other websites
  • All external links on circuit and championship pages should lead to official websites. Not to social networks, like Facebook, Instagram or X.
  • An official social media page could be entered as official website if, and only if, the championship or circuit lacks an official website, or the official website is significantly outdated (for instance several years old) while the social media page is not.
  • An official website that is updated once in a while, but not as often as the social media page, is not concidered as outdated and should be prioritised over the social media page. Also, if the official website has clear hyperlinks to the official social media pages, that also has priority over the social media pages, even if the official website is rarely updated.
  • If several social media pages exist, and all are updated, the Facebook page has higher priority than the others.


Event name
  • Events should, if they have, have full official names including title sponsor names (if they have any).
  • Circuit configurations are not event names and should not be entered here.
  • Race distances or descriptions are not event names.
  • Names of supporting races are not event names.
  • Please do not use just capital letters.
  • Correct: The Shell and Pennzoil Grand Prix of Houston.
  • Correct: 24 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps.
  • Incorrect: Brands Hatch Indy. It is the name of a layout.
  • Incorrect: Round 1. Not a name of an event.
  • Incorrect: 6h. That is probably just the race distance/duration.
  • Incorrect: FIA World Endurance Championship. That is the name of a(nother) championship.
  • Incorrect: 24 HOURS OF SPA-FRANCORCHAMPS. Please don't scream.
  • Please note that Snetterton 100, Snetterton 200 and Snetterton 300 are configurations of Snetterton Motor Racing Circuit and not event names, which they might sound like.
Start date/End date
  • The start date should represent the first on-track session of the race weekend (most often a free practice). Track walk is not counted.
  • End date represents the last on-track session, which almost always is a race.
  • You do not need to enter end date if it is the same as the start date. Just leave end date blank if that is the case (well, you can enter it in both fields, but it is not necessary).
  • Please notice that it is not always possible to find dates for other sessions than the race. Many championships only mention the race date on their websites. If that is the case, you can enter this date as both start and end date (or just leave end date blank). Hopefully someone else will correct this later.
Stand-alone races
  • There are some races during the year that don't really belong to a certain championship, e.g. Las 6 Horas Perú. In that case, a 'championship' can be created with the name of that race and the event added to that 'championship'.
  • Some series have races that don't give championship points, e.g. the V8 Supercars race in Melbourne. If that is the case, the event should nevertheless be added to the championship, but marked as 'Non-championship round'.
Provisional/unconfirmed races
  • If a provisional calendar has been released, it can be added to Please do not forget to mark the events as provisional.
  • If an event is confirmed for a certain month, but missing exact date, the start date should be entered as the first day of the month and the end date as the last day of the month, and the dates should be marked as 'between dates'.
  • If an event is confirmed to be held between two other events with confirmed dates, this event can be added with the start date the day after the previous event and end date the day before the next event, to include all possible dates. The dates should also be marked with 'between dates'.
Cancelled and postponed events
  • An event should only be marked as cancelled if the event was present on the officially confirmed calendar, but was cancelled prior to the race(s). This is done setting the event status to 'Cancelled' when editing the event.
  • If an event was present on a provisional calendar, but was removed before or to the release of the official calendar, it should be deleted, not marked as cancelled.
  • Events that are postponed should be marked as postponed until a new date has been presented.
  • When a postponed event is given a new date, the event dates should be updated and the status should be set to 'Confirmed'.
Adding sources
  • Event submissions must be accompanied with suitable sources. Use the 'Edit sources' function to paste a link to where you found the information.
  • You can add several links if the information submitted is spread out on different pages. For instance, there might be one source for the dates, and another source for the event names.
  • Sources for older versions of the calendar should not be deleted even if the calendar is updated. Please just add a new source to the list of sources.
  • If you have got the calendar from a source that is not on the open Internet and thus cannot be linked, please submit the calendar/update as usual and send a message through the contact page to let us know where you got it from.
  • Additional sources are not needed if the previously added sources have been updated with the new information.
  • Please use as detailed links as possible. For instance, if you found it on a Facebook page, please do not just link the whole page, but the exact post. On Facebook, you get a permanent link to the post if you click on the date stamp of the post.
  • Correct:
  • Incorrect:


Full official name
  • Circuits should have full official names including title sponsor names (if they have any), if the circuit is widely known with its sponsor name.
  • Correct: WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca.
Also known as
  • This field should contain other known names than the official one of the circuit, not shorter versions of them. It may also include previous names.
  • The location is not another name for the circuit (well, in some sense it often is, but not here) and should only be entered in the "Location" field.
  • Example: "Imola" should be entered in the "Location" field and not in the "Also known as" field for Autodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari.
  • The location should be written as "Town, Region". Country will be added automatically.
  • Please do not enter abbreviations. Write "British Columbia" instead of "BC".
  • Please use English names, when available. "Rome" instead of "Roma", for example.
  • Correct: Sonoma, California.
  • Incorrect: Sonoma, CA.
  • Incorrect: Sonoma - California.
  • Incorrect: Sonoma, California, United States.
  • Coordinates at must be entered in decimal form.
  • Correct: 45.616667
  • Incorrect: 45° 37′ 0″ N
  • The easiest way to find coordinates is by using Google Maps. Search for the circuit with Google Search, click the map and then copy the coordinates from the URL. The first number is the latitude and the second is the longitude.
When can a circuit be considered as permanently closed?
  • Permanent circuits: when the circuit owners have officially presented that it will be permanently closed or demolished and the last ever race has been held.
  • Street/temporary circuits: when the circuit has been unused for at least one year or season and with no signs of any future races.
  • Of course the 'permanently closed' checkbox can be unchecked if the circuit is reopened.


Full official name
  • Championships should have full official names excluding title sponsor names.
  • Example: Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship should be named British Touring Car Championship.
  • An exception is championships whose names are built upon the title sponsor name. Example: Bridgestone Production Car Championship. Without the title sponsor name, the championship name would not be distinguishable.
  • Full season names including sponsor names should be entered as a season name.
Also known as
  • This field should contain other known names than the official one of the championship, not shorter versions of them. It may also include previous names.
  • Example: "Formula One" is another name for "FIA Formula 1 World Championship" and should be entered as "Also known as".
  • Example: "Asian Formula Renault" is not another name for "Asian Formula Renault Series". It is just a part of the official name. This should not be entered in the "Also known as" field.
Full official name (seasons)
  • Seasons should have full official championship names including title sponsor names (if they have any).
  • Correct: Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship.
  • This should be ticked if the championship is no longer existing.
  • If the organisers have announced that the championship will be shut down, but the last season has not yet finished, please wait with marking it as defunct.
  • Some championships, or especially stand-alone races like Grand Prix de Monaco Historique, only race every second year or similar. These should not be marked as defunct during those years the championships are not run.
  • A championship may be marked as defunct if a long time has passed, at least 1.5 years, since they last released any information on the official website or social media, with no clue of any return.

Editing – Tips and tricks

Finding past season calendars and data sources
  • Many minor championships are far from well-documented on the Internet and many of them don't save past season data on their websites. This means that it can be very difficult to complement with past season data. Here are some suggestions on places to look and tools to use when doing your detective work:
  • Internet Archive Wayback Machine: An amazing tool saving old versions of billions of websites. If you know the URL (the web address) for a potential source of information for the championship or circuit, paste it into the search field and go back in time. A good starting point is to try with the current official website URL, since they quite rarely change domain name.
  • Facebook: Go to the championship's and circuit's Facebook page and scroll down in the feed. Can be quite frustrating with championships and circuits that post (too) often, but might be worth it. Of course this only works for the most recent seasons.
  • Wikipedia: Of course, the classic. Please keep in mind that Wikipedia is built by its users in the same way as It is never the original source. Try to find official sources at first-hand.


Can I become an engineer (administrator)?
How do I know when the site is upgraded with new features?
  • Since 5 October 2019, changes to the site's functionality and appearance are logged on the Change log page.
  • Major upgrades are also posted on the official Facebook page. Why not go and hit that like button?
Do you have a privacy policy?
  • Yes! You can read it through here.
Do you have any site rules or terms and conditions?
  • Yes! You can read them through here.
Is the colour of the kerb in the header background image really orange?
  • No. No, it's not. It's red. But with the help of Photoshop it magically turned into orange. Cool, isn't it?
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