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Information for engineers

If you do not find the answer you are looking for, please feel free to send a message through the form on the contact page.

General questions

What is an engineer?
  • On RacingCalendar.net, an engineer is what other sites would call an administrator or moderator. These users can examine other users submissions and accept or deny them. But why is it called an 'engineer' here? Well, simply because it gives the role a slight racing touch.
Can I become an engineer?
  • The engineering rights are only given to users selected by the team owner (Daniel Ahlqvist). No requests are taken, but if you would like to become an engineer, these are some of the main qualities that are looked for:
    • Communication. The user must be able to communicate in at least an intermediate level of written English (or Swedish). He or she must be easy to contact through email or social media.
    • Accuracy. A very low level of incorrect submissions. Quality is better than quantity when it comes to being an engineer. Of course anyone can make mistakes, but these should not occur too often.
    • Experience. You should have been active on RacingCalendar.net for a while, so that you are familiar with the site. Please note that engineers do not need to do anything if they do not want to. You can take pauses from the site for as long as you want, but of course you will lose the engineering rights if you are too inactive.

Accepting submissions

The Golden Rule!
  • Please do not accept OR deny any submissions that you cannot find a reliable source for. Just leave them and let somebody else decide whether they are correct or not.
  • If you are sure that they are incorrect, you can of course deny them.
Wrong circuits
  • The most important thing to check when examining event submissions are the circuits. That is where most mistakes are made. Like adding an event to Texas Motor Speedway instead of Texas World Speedway or Anderson Motor Speedway instead of Anderson Speedway.
Wrong year
  • When it is time for a new season, it is easy that the user keeps typing the previous year instead of the next one, because they are so used to it. For instance 2021 instead of 2022.
  • Please check that a newly added championship or circuit does not already exist with another name in the database. Please submit the duplicates for deletion.
Incomplete calendars
  • Sometimes, some users tend to submit just a part of a calendar (most often the first event of the season). Please do not accept these submissions until all events are submitted. You can of course add the rest by yourself if you can find the calendar, and then accept all events for that season.
Calendars without sources
  • If a calendar submission lacks a source and you cannot find any sources for it, you can request a source from the submitting user by pressing 'Request source'. Please use this functionality with care. Only use it after own attempts to find a source.
Season names
  • Season names should not include year. Please deny (and preferrably correct) these submissions.
Deleting events
  • Deleting an event and adding another event to the same championship but, for instance, with another circuit or date than the previous one. The circuit (or whatever it is) should instead be changed in the already existing event to prevent the event from being removed from other users personal calendars.
  • Please check that coordinates added to circuits actually point at the right circuits. If you are not sure if it is the right circuit, an idea is to search for circuit configuration maps using Google (or other search engines) and compare with the satellite photos on Google Maps.
And at last...
  • Please read through the main help page so that you know what to accept or not.
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