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Terms and conditions

This page covers the site rules and terms and conditions of using, hereby referred to as 'the site' – no matter if you are logged in to a user account or not. Please note that the terms and conditions might be changed and you can stay up to date with the current status on the terms and conditions page. Please see separate pages for the privacy policy and editing help. If you have a question, please feel free to send a message through the form on the contact page.


By using the site, you accept these rules, terms and conditions in full. Violation against any of the rules on this page may result in immediate suspension of your account, without further notice.

Site and content

You are allowed to use the site as a source of information, such as showing it on a screen, printing content on paper or using the site as reference, but you are not allowed to copy, reproduce, duplicate, sell or redistribute content, source code or material from the site, if not otherwise stated. Usage of such in a way that conflicts with interest of is forbidden. The whole site including content, source code, images and other material is protected by copyright laws, if not otherwise stated.

The site or the site owner takes no responsibility for, or cannot guarantee, the correctness or reliablity of the content on the site, as well as no responsibility of any damage, harm or losses caused directly, indirectly or in any other way by the site or its content. Use the site on your own risk.

Your contributions to the site, in terms of added or edited events, circuits, championships or other data, are owned by the site and cannot be taken back. Regarding personal data entered on the site, please see the separate privacy policy.

You are not allowed to act in a way that may harm the site, its technology, the content or other users. Hoax, or in any way having the intention to submit incorrect data, is not allowed.

Offensive content

You are not allowed anywhere on the site to use offensive language or insult anyone, such as bullying, hatred, sexual harassment, racism or similar. Any content that alludes to violence, illegal activities, drugs or pornography in any form is strictly prohibited.


You are not allowed to use the site functionality for marketing, without consent from the site owner. However, if you are representing a championship or circuit, you are more than welcome to write a few lines about that on your profile page – and of course add and update your calendar, since that is what the site is for.

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