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Privacy policy, hereby referred to as 'the site', is owned and created by Daniel Ahlqvist, hereby referred to as 'the site owner', as a natural person (i.e. no company involved), who lives in Sweden. No other people are involved in running the site. Please note that this might be changed and you can stay up to date with the current status on the privacy policy page. If you have a question, please feel free to send a message through the form on the contact page.

What information is saved?

If you create and/or log in to an account on the site:

  • Name: Your name (first and last name) is saved and used as some sort of username when using the site. That is how you are identified when logged in. Of course you do not need to enter your real name, even though that might be more fun. Please note that your name is never displayed for visitors that are not logged in.
  • Email address: Your email address is saved and used for logging in. It may also be used for sending personal messages, for example questions regarding your submissions, from Please note that your email address is never displayed on the site for any users. Only the site owner has access to it.
  • Encrypted password: Your password is saved well-encrypted and cannot be read by anyone.
  • Registration time: The time and date when you created your account. It is displayed on your profile page.
  • Time for last log in: The time you were last logged in (overwritten everytime you log in, meaning that no history is saved) is saved to get an understanding of how popular the site is.
  • Nationality and personal presentation is saved if you have added one, otherwise of course not. The information is displayed on your profile page for all logged in users.
  • All your submissions, saved events, edits and ratings are saved in the database.

All visitors of the site:

  • Google Analytics tracks activity on the site and is used as a statistics tool. The information is not coupled to any user accounts.
  • Hotjar is used to anonymously record interactions on the site. The tool indirectly helps the site owner improving the interaction design of the site, for example by pinpointing pages and elements where users get stuck. Sensitive information is automatically suppressed, including for instance all input fields and personal details of the logged in user. Please note that interaction patterns might in some cases give a clue who the logged in user is, but this is not something the site owner is looking for.

Who has access to the personal information?

Only (i.e. Daniel Ahlqvist) and for some pieces of information its visitors. We do not sell or share the personal information with anyone. In the rather unlikely event of the site being sold or taken over by another party, the personal information will be transmitted to the new owner. You have the right to get your personal information deleted from our database. If you wish so, please send a message though the contact page. Your contributions to the site, in terms of added or edited events, circuits, championships or other data, are owned by the site and cannot be taken back.

Cookie information

Please see the separate cookie page.

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