Change log

This page lists changes made to the site, including new features, improvements and bug fixes. For changes to the database, including new events, circuits, championships and more, please see the Recent changes page (only available for logged in users).

25 October 2020 Visual improvementClearer distinguishment between event statuses on circuit pages.
21 October 2020 Visual improvementCookie message improved on mobile devices. Message shortened.
15 October 2020 Bug fixBoxes shown when hovering championship and circuit links had gone completely crazy.
26 September 2020 New featureFollow championships! Events for followed championships are displayed on the home page.
Other changesHome page made more useful for logged in users. Including a nice greeting.
Other changesSeveral minor changes and improvements.
5 August 2020 Other changesSession lifetime extended, meaning that it is no longer timing out after 24 minutes if a tab is opened.
4 August 2020 Bug fixSubmitting season names with an '&' sign was not possible.
12 July 2020 Feature improvementAlert message added to 'Add event' popup when editing an event with pending submissions.
10 July 2020 Feature improvementNow possible to navigate in championship selection when moving/copying events with keyboard.
Visual improvementBrowser default tooltips replaced by new customised tooltips.
Visual improvementEvent status indicators were missing formatting in printable versions.
8 July 2020 Bug fixThe 'move events' function did not work properly when moving to several championships.
1 June 2020 Feature improvementAdded pagination to Recent changes.
Visual improvementOverrided the new (horrible) black element outline added in Chrome v.83.
16 May 2020 Bug fixFixed bug appearing in rating modal when session had been terminated.
15 May 2020 Feature improvementAdded event statuses to personal calendars.
13 May 2020 Bug fixBoxes shown when hovering championships on circuit pages sometimes showed wrong championship.
29 April 2020 Visual improvementThe general search box redesigned since search page is now redundant.
Other changesAlert messages on championship pages added, for instance when season has no events.
28 April 2020 Feature improvementThe general search box now include events.
Bug fixCould not select search suggestions using Enter on keyboard in Safari on macOS.
Bug fixDropdowns (for instance 'Select year') were not closing when losing focus.
27 April 2020 Bug fixEvent counters on Championships page did not take cancelled and postponed events into account.
25 April 2020 Feature improvementRegister button added to login box.
Feature improvementError message now displayed earlier when no events are selected in copy/move/delete modals.
10 April 2020 Visual improvementAlert message boxes redesigned.
28 March 2020 Bug fix'Show cancelled events' was unchecked when changing page on Events page.
Feature improvementNo longer redirecting from circuit search results when only one circuit is found.
Feature improvementName and email address fields on Contact page now prefilled for logged in users.
Visual improvementMade 'Join' button in top menu stand out more.
Visual improvementFixing pixel issue with button in top menu search box.
Visual improvementMade paragraphs narrower on for instance About page to improve readability.
27 March 2020 New featureRevised event status feature, including new 'postponed' status.
Visual improvementPopup editing forms partly restyled.
Other changesInformation about event statuses updated on Help/FAQ page.
22 March 2020 Bug fixCancelled events were still displayed in the 'on track today' boxes on circuit pages.
Visual improvementFixed the green flag in the 'on track today' boxes, which activated horizontal scroll on smaller screens.
Visual improvementMagnifying glass icon added to search box on home page.
20 March 2020 Feature improvementPossibility to filter out cancelled events added to Events page.
Feature improvementTBC, NC and Cancelled pills added to search results on Events page.
19 March 2020 New featurePossibility to mark events as cancelled added.
Other changesInformation about cancelled events added to the Help/FAQ page.
Other changesHelp/FAQ page restructured.
18 March 2020 Visual improvementVisualisation of TBC and NC events changed from raw text to pills.
15 February 2020 Feature improvementAll emails sent from restyled and modernised.
Visual improvementMinor styling changes to account registration page.
Feature improvementAccount activation and password recovery pages improved.
4 February 2020 Visual improvementSearch bar on Circuits page now styled as all other search bars.
Visual improvementMinor styling changes to some tables.
Feature improvement'Pickup/ute racing' added as a category.
3 February 2020 Visual improvementCookie message restyled.
21 January 2020 New featureSearch functionality replaced the previous random question on home page.
20 January 2020 Feature improvementSearch suggestion lists may now be navigated in using keyboard arrows.
26 October 2019 Visual improvementNew design of checkboxes (only in Browse sections).
Visual improvementChevrons added to accordions on help pages.
24 October 2019 Feature improvementDates for events with TBC month are now shown as 'TBC' on championship pages.
22 October 2019 Feature improvementEvent update submissions with no changes will now be ignored.
20 October 2019 Feature improvementInput type for dates changed from text to date on Events page.
17 October 2019 Bug fix Bug appearing when submitting updates to events fixed.
6 October 2019 Other changesFlag of Libya updated to current flag.
Feature improvementSearch suggestion list now closes on Escape press.
5 October 2019 New featureChange log (this page) added.
Feature improvementType of message selection added to the Contact page.
Other changesDefault social media sharing thumbnail corrected.
Other changesHome page facelift.
Feature improvementPagination added to the team crew list.
2 October 2019 Visual improvementThe submenu button arrows in the top menu now change state (open/closed).
Feature improvementContent in printable versions of circuit and championship calendars fine-tuned.
Visual improvementAccordion animations on help pages now smoother.
Other changesSome texts in help pages rephrased.
Visual improvementOther small visual improvements.
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